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Gluten Free/Grain Free Hamburgers and Sandwiches

Hambuger buns small

I love hamburgers, cheese burgers, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, toast with butter.  There was a time in my food explorations that I thought I'd have to give them up.  Then I discovered that what was unhealthy about the beef and bacon was how the animals were raised -- who wants to eat meat pumped up with antibiotics, hormones and steroids?  This was in 2010, so for a while I was a happy camper. 

Then I read Wheat Belly and Grain Brain, and realized how toxic commercial wheat was and that I wanted that out of my diet.  The difference it's made will probably be the subject of another blog.  I even started a business making gluten and grain free delicious baked products -- called Enjoy Grain Free. So for a while now I've been attempting to make what I felt was a delicious and workable (meaning not falling apart) sandwich and hamburger bun.  Yes, I've seen the recipe in Against All Grain made with soaked cashews, almond and coconut flour.  It is a delicious alternative. But I have a lot of clients who have problems with nuts.  So my goal was to create a bun that had no nuts in it.  And, in addition to eggs, I needed something to hold it together.  I've searched the internet for binders -- ruling out the obvious flax and chia seeds because of the levels of phytic acid. 

Then one day I stumbled across a recipe for butternut squash flatbread at the Empowered Sustenance blog and she was using Great Lakes grassfed gelatin for a binder.  Immediately I knew it would work in my recipe too.  Thank you Lauren.  By the way, the recipe for the butternut squash flatbread is delicious. 

Okay, I admit it I stopped writing this post to devour one of the buns as it came out of the oven -- with pastured butter, and bacon.  OMG, they are amazing! 

Because if the same phytic acid issue, I use only sprouted flours from To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company.  They grind your flours when you order, so they are always fresh.  You can find them in whole foods, but I always prefer to order directly from their web site -- as there is much more variety available.  You can order here.

Lentil Flour Hamburger and Sandwich Buns

Dry Ingredients: 

2 cups sprouted lentil flour    Buy Here.

1/3 cup coconut flour sifted   Buy Here.

2 teaspoons powdered or crushed rosemary   1 TBL 

2 teaspoons granulated garlic     1 TBL  

2 TBL gelatin   4 TBL  from Great Lakes Gelatin

1.5 tbl Himalayan crystal salt   3 TBL  San Francisco Salt company

1.5 tea soda   3 teaspoons

Wet Ingredients:

1/3 cup coconut oil 

6 eggs  

1.5 tbl apple cider vinegar 

2  cups riced and steamed cauliflower   


Step 1:  Preheat Oven to 350.

Step 2:  Combine Lentil flour, sifted coconut flour, rosemary, garlic, gelatin, salt and soda together  (Note: you can use a food processor, or whisk them together in a mixing bowl)

Step 3:  Beat eggs, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar together in stand mixer on low.

Step 4:  Add in cauliflower and mix. 

Step 5:  Add in dry ingredients, still on low speed until everything is mixed.  Then put on medium high for about 30 seconds or until fully combined.

Step 6:  Prepare a baking sheet covered with parchment paper so the buns don't stick.

Step 7:  Wet your hands and take out enough dough to form a tennis ball sized ball.  Put it on the baking sheet and pat it out.

Step 8:  This should make 6 buns.  Put in the oven for about 30 minutes. 

Step 9:  Let cool and enjoy. 



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