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Glyphosate in most commercial Wheat - Is this what you want to consume with your morning Toast?

NOTE:  I wrote this post in 2015.  Even now I find many people who are not aware of this information, even though the World Health organization has declared Glyphosate probably carcinogenic.  Here's a more current link to Dr. Zach Bush's perspective on glyphosate and what it means to our bodies, our soil and the continuation of our life and health.

Most Important Health Information I've read.   (first written June, 2015)

I just finished reading the following blog post -- link below -- and it answered a lot of questions about commercial wheat in the United States.  Here's the bottom line:

Most Commercial wheat farmers in the United States douse their wheat fields with Round-up, 3 to 5 days prior to harvest.  That means that glyphosate, the active ingredient in round-up is in almost all commercial wheat.

Why is glyphosate bad?  Not only does it attack and kill specifically the good bacteria in our system, but it also disrupts the emzymes that assist us to detoxivy other toxic chemical with which we come in contact.

To more fully understand this information, please, PLEASE read the whole article.

Ever since reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, I have followed a gluten free lifestyle, convinced that it was better for me.  And, I have more energy, a strong immune system (3 plus years without a cold or flu), and in general feel better. I have made it my business, literally to developed delicious, satisfyling, nutrient dense, and healthy alternative s to gluten products. 

However, I know lots of folks who are so tied into wheat products and/or feel they have no reactions to commercial wheat. and are thus reluctant to expend the energy that it takes to become gluten free.  One man told me that when I could offer him an alternative that was just like the bread he liked, he'd change.  New Cascadia Gluten Free Bakery in Portland, Or has done just that.  And I'm working on it in my business - Enjoy Grain Free.  I have gluten free coconut flour muffins that are better -- moist, delicious and healthy -- than their wheat counterparts.  Enjoy Grain Free Sandwich rounds  provide nutrient dense alternatives for sandwiches and hamburgers.  Now I have gluten free Bagels, and I'm working on gluten free sourdough.  There are 6 types of crackers including gluten free honey graham crackers, and nut free (no almond flour) honey graham crackers. 

Even if the wheat farmers stopped putting Round-up on their wheat fields, there are questions about the half-life of round-up.  Monsanto says it's between 30 and 60 days, but other studies and scientists say it remains in the soil, making it toxic for years.


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