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Glyphosate in most commercial Wheat - Is this what you want to consume with your morning Toast?

Rebooting, Restarting, Regenerating, and Beginning Anew

I've let myself get away from blogging and writing for a few years now.  The good news is that I was very busy with a wonderful business as a gluten-free, grain-free licensed cottage baker.  What that means for you is that I have a ton more GF recipes to share. 

Rebooting:  I lost a domain that I used for several years (real food lifestyle), regained it, and lost it again.  Consequently, all of my recipe links on this blog didn't work.  So I'm in the process of rebooting my old recipe section and broken links that went to that old blog.  I could use your help while I'm sorting all this out.  If you are reading this, and find a broken link, please let me know.  Either in the comments section or 

As I do a reboot I am re-reading and rewriting.  As I said, if you see something that doesn't make sense let me know.  

Restarting: My writing, my blogging is getting a restart.  For me it's like not having worked out in a while, which is also true, so the restarting is going slowly.  I'm finding myself flexing writing muscles that have not worked in a while.  And, what I know is that if I write just a little several times a week, it all counts, muscles get worked and the stamina returns.  Join me on my journey. 

Regenerating:  There were some great basic recipes on my old blog and I'm going to make sure they reappear here, and that they are updated with what I've learned in the meantime.

Beginning Anew:  I'm working on a cookbook.  Have been doing it since 2014, it is only know that the full vision of what I want to create has come into focus.  And that is ........   Gluten Free, Grain Free Marvelous Makeovers.   GF Marvelous Makeovers for short.  

I'm a country girl.  Grew up in the Appalachian Mountains, in Russell and Tazewell Counties in Southwestern Virginia. My Grandmother made biscuits which we slathered with her homemade butter from our jersey cow. Oh to have one of those biscuits slathered with that butter again.  I've searched far and wide for that butter.  Have only found it a couple of times.  Most recently a few years ago from a farmer in Amish Country in Pa. My mother made yeasted homemade dinner rolls that make me salivate and wish for one even now.  I've made all kinds of bread myself and had a fan drive 30 miles after 4 Thanksgiving dinners to get my rolls and baked ham.  I love bread making, I love bread. 

Thing is, I've done a lot of reading and researching in the past few years, and I've come to understand that wheat as it is grown in the United States today is not the wheat of my grandmothers time, or my mothers time, and even of my childhood.  The wheat we have today, whether its commercial or organically grown, has been altered so many times in the name of great crop yields and more profits, that it is believed to be toxic to human beings.  Check out Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, well-know cardiologist, or read Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist.  These researchers feel if you've eaten this tainted wheat all your life, and many of us have, that whether you are celiac or not, you are gluten sensitive because of the damage this toxic wheat has done over time.  I have found that to be true for me and set out to create made-overs that give me the same luscious taste,  satisfaction and comfort of the many foods that bought commercially.  The commercial ones are likely to  inflame our bodies.  Inflammation equals pain.  So much so that we have epidemics of addiction to pain relievers, summits on how to relieve pain and it is often front and foremost in at least one person in every family, if not more.   Another article I wrote about it is here.  Wheat and glyphosate is another issue you can learn more about here.

Am I on a soap box?  YES!  I believe passionately that we can have healthy, un-corrupted nutrient dense food that supports our bodies, immune systems and basic health, while still being tasty, comforting, and satisfying.  

And that's what beginning anew is about - GF Marvelous Makeovers.



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